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Our Mission

To empower women and youth with entrepreneurship skills through linkages,
resources and skills transfer to end poverty,
create good jobs and enhance economic growth

WEAC started out 5 years ago, in June 2015, then WEACREATE which became the first Women’s Entrepreneurship and business incubation Center in Zambia. With the support of the US Department of State and in Partnership with the US Embassy, we opened our doors to 100s of women entrepreneurs with a vision to become the largest young empowerment and entrepreneurial community for women in a changing world, supporting local female-led businesses that were creating jobs and solving local problems.

WEAC Zambia enables women entrepreneurs move from the informal sector into the formal sector, while generating momentum for measurable economic and societal change. WEAC is specifically designed to advance gender equality in entrepreneurship through a portfolio of business growth programs, tools and events created to address barriers faced by women seeking to start and grow their businesses.

In the last five years we have launched close to 680 startups through our incubation programs, we have successfully graduated, 216 into growth acceleration and linked over 350 businesses to early stage and late stage funding. We have had in total of 6,700 entrepreneurs that have accessed WEAC programs ranging from trainings, business development services, market accelerators, events, mentoring and funding tours. Our alumni community remains
active, continues to support upcoming startups and have become key partners in driving impact

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Join our community of change makers with women and youth taking the lead in driving Entrepreneurship and Innovation, with IMPACT AT SCALE.

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